Everybody entering the studio MUST wear a face covering, there are NO EXCEPTIONS!
If you have a medical exemption from wearing a face covering, PLEASE DO NOT BOOK AN APPOINTMENT as you will be refused your appointment opportunity on the day and you will lose your deposit. WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT RISK SITTING NEXT TO SOMEONE WHO COULD BE POTENTIALLY PUTTING STAFF & OTHER CUSTOMERS AT RISK. PLEASE RESPECT EVERYONE ELSE IN THE BUILDING, STAFF & CUSTOMER SAFETY IS IMPORTANT TO US!


We require a deposit to secure your Tattoo appointment (full payment up front for minimum charge tattoos), it is deducted from the final cost of your tattoo.  In the case of Body Piercing we take full payment up front. If you decide (at any point or for any reason) not to get tattooed or pierced, you'll be charged a cancellation fee equal to the sum of the deposit/ payment you have left.

You must give us 72 hours notice if you wish to cancel/ change your appointment otherwise you be charged a cancellation fee equal to the sum of the deposit you have left.

If you don’t show for your appointment you be charged a cancellation fee equal to the sum of the deposit you have left.

You may cancel/ change your appointment date ONCE ONLY or you be charged a cancellation fee equal to the sum of the deposit you have left.

Should Deposits remain unclaimed by the client following six months of inactivity we reserve the right to withhold it.

We are a very busy studio hence we often don’t have time to accommodate clients who wish to change their entire (or part of) Tattoo design on the day. If you do wish to change your design and we have time to do it on the day, you will be charged a fee to re-draw it. Fees are set at either our minimum charge of £50 for very small tattoos or £100 per hour for larger custom pieces. If we don’t have time to re-draw your design on the day you will have to re-book your tattoo sitting and the original deposit you left with us will be used to pay for our lost time on the day, you will need to leave another deposit and you will also have to pay a re-drawing fee (as described above).
You MUST be 18 years of age or above to get tattooed. We ONLY accept a driver's license or IN DATE passport as proof, we accept nothing else. If you fail to present your I.D to the Artist on the day of your appointment, you be charged a cancellation fee equal to the sum of the deposit you have left. This is to cover the cost of the missed session you can’t have.
You will be given the opportunity to see the artwork for your tattoo. This will usually be one design and may be a sketch, line-drawing or computer rendering. It will usually not be a coloured, shaded or finished piece.
If your chosen Artist is no longer a Renaissance team member and they haven’t started your tattoo yet or you have ongoing work with them, you will be offered another Renaissance team member as an alternative and your deposit will simply be transferred over.
No persons under 18 years of age are permitted on our premises, unless they have a piercing appointment. No muddy footwear/clothing permitted on the premises.
Please only bring one other person with you on your appointment day.
For safety and privacy reasons only clients are permitted in the studio area.

People under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be tolerated or permitted in the studio.
Please be aware we cannot guarantee what time your tattoo will begin so we advise not to pick a time close to something else important you have to do i.e. pick your children up from school or start work, etc.
We do not let clients take artwork for their designs away from the studio, neither do we email design ideas to clients.
We reserve the right to refuse to tattoo you.

In leaving a deposit or advance payment with us, you are agreeing to the above terms.